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Reedbeds and Waste Water Management

Reedbeds and Waste Water Management

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Off-grid sewage and water treatment systems.

If you’re living or working in a remote location and need low impact, eco-friendly options for waste water management, CAT is the place to come for inspiration and advice. Our water and waste system is entirely off the mains supply, and this day course gives you the chance to learn from our 50 years of experience in this area.

Key information

  • Duration: one day
  • Upcoming date; Sunday 18th August 2024
  • Start and finish times: starts at 10am and ends at 4pm
  • Fees: £125
  • Includes: tuition, all materials, lunch.
  • What to bring: as this is a highly practical course, safety boots are required and
    waterproof clothing is advised
  • Terms and Conditions:

What you will learn

This course explores the technicalities, design and implementation of reedbeds and alternative waste water treatment systems at a domestic level.

You’ll learn about the various options for low impact sewage treatment systems and nutrient recovery, and there will be a session on water efficient devices.
CAT is completely off-grid for water supply and sewage treatment, so you’ll have a chance to see reedbeds and waste water management methods in action, with a tour of our various systems and an explanation of the main design features. We will also cover some unique and bespoke alternatives.

Topics covered include:

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary treatment
  • Types of systems, including reedbeds, constructed wetlands, trench arches, aquatrons and greywater treatment
  • Biological processes
  • Main design aspects and maintenance requirements
  • Location, regulations and planning

Participants will understand the theory and practical application of various types of alternative waste water treatment systems in the UK, the main design features and the most appropriate

Tutor profile

Fin is a BSc in Marine Biology and MSc in Human Ecology working on water resources and ecosystem services at CAT since 2011, teaching and developing short courses, lectures, tours and workshops to engage people in a critical enquiry on human – waste – place relations.

Beyond CAT Fin facilitates the co – design and installation of low impact sanitation solutions for off grid homes, allotments, festivals and camp sites in Wales, Scotland and Europe, most recently collaborations include Phytology, Bethnal Green on an accessible composting toilet for a nature reserve; UCL Bartlett School research project on Pee and Poo for Food, looking at barriers to urban production and use of composted human waste as a fertiliser; Global Gardens Cardiff on a composting toilet for their allotment plot; and The Clearing at Compton Verney, an art project set in post climate collapse adaptation with workshops on Drink the Water and Make a Toilet.


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