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COVID-19: Information for short course participants

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Joining us at CAT

There are currently no UK or Welsh Government COVID-19 restrictions in place, however to support the safety and wellbeing of its visitors and staff, CAT asks that short course participants:

  • Carry out lateral flow tests if feeling unwell particularly in the time a day or two before travelling to CAT.
  • Consider wearing a face mask in crowded indoor public places.
  • Be respectful of others who may have different views on wearing masks.
  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for 20 Seconds or use a hand sanitizer if access to soap and water is not possible. This is especially important after using shared equipment or before eating and drinking.

More detailed information on these and other measures can be found below in our FAQ section.

Visit Wales. Safely.

All of our plans are subject to alteration should government guidelines be updated or the situation change.

If you have any queries, please get in touch.


Joining CAT short courses - COVID-19 measures

What cleaning and hygiene arrangements will be in place during short courses?

CAT has a range of indoor and outdoor teaching locations, indoor classes will mainly take place in the WISE building. Communal spaces, toilets and touch points are cleaned on a daily basis.

Hand sanitising stations are available around the WISE building and the CAT site.

We ask all students to help protect themselves and others through regular handwashing.

What’s your policy on face masks?

We advise voluntarily wearing face masks in crowded indoor public places.

We also ask that you be respectful of others who may have different views on wearing masks.

What accommodation is on offer?

We have opened up our WISE bedrooms, which all have en-suite toilets and showers, but we are operating these as single occupancy only rather than the usual shared rooms. 

This means we have a reduced amount of accommodation available.

Further details will be available on booking.

I won’t need accommodation, can I still attend?

Please get in touch if you would like to join a short course and don’t need to use CAT’s accommodation.

Because we need to carefully plan seating for socially distanced meals, short course participants staying elsewhere will still need to join us at CAT for breakfast, lunch and dinner, at a charge of £21 per day.

What happens if I have to cancel my course booking? What’s your refund policy?

If you need to cancel due to COVID you’ll be able to transfer credit to a future course.

For cancellation for other reasons, our standard Terms and Conditions will apply.

What happens if someone becomes ill whilst at CAT?

Should a short course participant fall ill whilst here we would ask that arrangements are made to return home safely, avoiding public transport, and to enter self-isolation.  

Whilst arrangements are made the guest will be asked to remain isolated in their room, with food and other essentials being delivered to them safely. 

The room will remain unused for a minimum of 72 hours and then deep cleaned.

What if someone becomes ill after being at CAT? What provisions are in place?

Should you fall ill within a week of being on-site, we ask that you contact us so that we can contact anyone who was on-site at the same time, so that they can take measure for their own health and welfare as necessary.

Please note that in these circumstances we will not divulge the names or details of the individuals effected in our communications.

What will happen if the situation or government regulations change?

We are monitoring the situation daily, and all of the information on this page is subject to change based on government guidelines.

If Welsh Government guidance changes due to a worsening COVID environment, we may have to cancel courses. In these circumstances we will refund your course fees.

Is your visitor centre open as normal?

Yes, CAT Visitors Centre is open. See our visitor centre pages for details.

Are you still offering online courses?

During lockdown we developed a popular new online version of our Zero Carbon Britain course. We continue to offer this course online and along with other new online courses.