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Short Course Stories: A Tiny House Story

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Recently we caught up with Simon Corbett, who attended one of our Build a Tiny House courses in 2019, to find out how the course had helped him.

In January 2019, Simon was asked by a customer to build a tiny house in the corner of a field overlooking rolling hills and woodland. In February, Simon attended CAT’s Build a Tiny House course to learn how to do just that.

What Simon had to say…

“Our most exciting project has been the design and build of a ‘Tiny House’, whereby we started the design and ideas stage in January of this year and started the build after completing CAT’s Tiny House course. Our customer had a limited budget for this project but trusted our abilities and artistic flair to achieve her dream.”

Inside the finished Tiny House
Outside the tiny house part way through construction

How did the course help?

“Surrounded by the mountains, hills and reservoir there couldn’t have been a better place to get into the mindset of eco friendly and practical building methods than the Centre for Alternative Technology.

The tutor Carwyn Lloyd Jones was hugely giving throughout our 4-day course. A master craftsman in anything that involved wood, he was both an inspiration and a walking Oracle. My hands couldn’t write down his ideas quick enough and his techniques were employed on our project throughout – Where we could remember, and decipher my rushed note taking!

Of course, there was more to the course than working with timber. Plumbing and building composting toilets were completely new to us. Dieter made this element of the course far more interesting than it probably ever could be, with his enthusiasm for the subject.”

Future plans?

“We love what we do! Since completing the Tiny House we are very excited about the possibility of building more Tiny Houses – to the point where we are actively setting our small business up to add Tiny Houses to our portfolio of services.

Tiny houses are never the same and there’s always something to learn and we enjoy the journey.”

Anything else?

“It should be pointed out that we attended the course with a good understanding of carpentry and left with a whole lot more knowledge than we ever expected. It doesn’t matter how much you know, there’s always so much more to learn.”

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