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Let's act for a Zero Carbon Britain

The science says we must, the technology says we can, now we must act and rise to the challenges brought by the climate emergency.

Together we can make a difference

The impacts of individual changes are relatively small, but as more of us take action on climate change we can normalise emission reduction behaviours, empower people to act, and help change social norms. Vitally, we can also work together to call for urgent action from policymakers and industry, advocating for the large scale radical changes needed to rise to the climate emergency.

The past year has seen an incredible burst of awareness around climate change, with a growing passion for change. Groups demanding action on the climate emergency have been appearing all around the world, ‘climate strikes’ led by young people have mobilised millions of people on a global scale, and councils up and down the UK have declared a Climate Emergency and are beginning to work on Zero Carbon Action Plans.

Share solutions

Make sure your voice is heard. Check out our Zero Carbon Britain: Social media pack and help spread awareness of climate solutions.

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Zero Carbon Britain courses

We can rise to the climate emergency! We have a range of online and onsite courses and events exploring the radical changes needed to rise to the climate challenge.

How we can help?

Get informed and get skilled

To make the changes needed requires investment in infrastructure, supportive policies, the mass mobilisation of our resources and the creation of large numbers of green jobs.

Training will be key to ensuring we have the skills needed to roll out the changes quickly enough to rise to the climate emergency.

Share solutions

It’s important that we share solutions, rather than only focusing on the problems. Climate change isn’t a challenge in search of a solution. We know what we must do, and CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain reports help provide a road map for what a zero carbon Britain will look like.

So please talk about climate solutions with friends, share solutions on Facebook and Twitter, talk to colleagues. The more we talk about these issues the more we can normalise the solutions and push for real change.

Check out our Zero Carbon Britain Social media pack for ideas and useful resources

Get connected

Join or start a local zero carbon group. Find others pushing for the change needed. Connect with your local council.

Organising with others helps our voices and actions carry more weight, and can energise discussions and help us stay motivated.

Get involved in making a Zero Carbon Action Plan with your local community

Many councils and community groups are already creating Zero Carbon Action Plans. Getting involved by showing support and offering help is a great way to ensure that effective plans can be put in place.

CAT recently received funding to allow the development of a new Zero Carbon Britain Hub to help communities, local authorities and policymakers to create Zero Carbon Action Plans, and to provide support for the development of innovative solutions. Sign up to our enews to receive updates on this and other news from CAT.


How CAT can help

Practical solutions for a changing planet

With free advice on changes you can make, a visitors centre showcasing solutions, educational packages for schools and universities, short courses and postgraduate degrees, we aim to inspire and enable you to create change.

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Zero Carbon Britain: Social Media Pack

Make sure your voice is heard and help us create a movement to overcome the social, political, economic and psychological barriers to rising to the climate emergency.
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Graduate School of the Environment

From architecture and green building to courses in adaptation, behaviour change and sustainable ecology, our postgraduate courses help you to develop the skills, knowledge and inspiration to make a real difference.
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Short Courses

We offer a variety of one-day and short residential courses covering a range of sustainability issues, including: renewable energy, environmentally friendly building techniques, water and sanitation solutions, introductory classes in ecology, woodland management, and more.
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Educational Visits

We offer a wide range of activities, workshops and programmes exploring climate change and issues around sustainability for children, university students and beyond.
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Read our latest report

Our latest report, Rising to the Climate Emergency, shows how we can create a Zero Carbon Britain with technology available today.
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Free Information

Get free and independent advice on a wide array of issues relating to sustainability.
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