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We must rapidly reduce our emissions to address the climate emergency. Climate change isn't a problem in search of a solution. We know what we must do, so now it's time to act!

Individually, our actions have a limited impact, but collectively we can create the radical change needed. 

Lend your voice to the conversation and help us all collectively build a movement to overcome the social, economic, political and psychological barriers to the changes needed.

Zero Carbon Britain: Rising to the Climate Emergency

To coincide with the release of our latest report, we have created some useful assets to share that help showcase what a zero carbon Britain could look like.

Please share our content widely, talk to your friends and family about climate change solutions and make sure your voice is heard. It’s only by pushing for change that we can rise to the climate emergency.

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Videos and animations

By powering down our energy use, powering up renewable energy supply and rethinking land use we can rise to the climate emergency and create a #zerocarbonbritain with technology that exists today.




Zero Carbon Britain Infographic

We can rise to the climate emergency with proven technology that is available today. Let’s act now to rapidly reduce our emissions! 
#ZeroCarbonBritain #Climate Solutions

Zero Carbon Britain Infographic

Power down

By insulating our homes and workplaces, by improving our public transport and cycle networks, we can make it easier to live healthier lives, reduce our emissions and rise to the climate emergency! 

Power down Infographic

Power up

Zero Carbon Britain uses hourly modelling to show that it is possible to meet future energy needs with clean renewable energy and innovative storage solutions.
#ClimateSolutions #zerocarbonbritain

Power up Infographic

Capture carbon

By powering up renewable energy, powering down our usage and changing how we use land we can mop up any residual emissions by restoring peatlands and by doubling the area of forests.

Capture Carbon Infographic

Healthy happy lives

Addressing climate change will have many additional benefits. We’ll eat healthier, more balanced diets, breathe cleaner air, restore biodiversity and greatly benefit from many of the changes needed to make a sustainable, thriving economy.
#ClimateSolutions #zerocarbonbritain

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