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Looking for fun family nature activities to try at home?

Get creative wherever you are with a variety of activities designed to inspire the whole family.

Try out some of our special family activities and get to know the wildlife on your doorstep. Spy on your wildlife neighbours, encourage mini-beasts into your garden, and develop the eyes of an owl and the ears of a deer.

Show your family and friends what you’ve seen, heard or made – and don’t forget to share them with us too! To share your pictures, post them on CAT’s facebook page or tag @centreforalternativetechnology on instagram. #CATatHome

Winter wildlife activity booklet

Explore winter wildlife with our brand new activity booklet that’s packed full of fun family activities:

Build a nest box for birds

Create a cosy place for your feathered neighbours to nestle up this winter by building a nestbox for the birds.
Click here

Make a pine cone bird feeder

Feed the birds in style by making your own pine cone bird feeders.
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Winter wellbeing: tree dressing celebration

Feed the birds, have fun and celebrate the season by decorating your favourite outdoor tree.
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Postcards from the future

Send us a message from the future! Use your imagination to tell us what you think the world will look like in 2030.
Click here

Build a hog a home

Create a hedgehog box in your garden and help support these shy, spiky night-time creatures.
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Sensory explorers: back to nature

Tap into your inner animal and see the world in a different way.
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Build a tiny pond

Attract wildlife into your garden with a simple-to-build tiny pond!
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Get to know your wildlife neighbours

Discover an amazing array of goings-on in your own garden or just outside your window.
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Make your own quadrat

Become a true nature detective and find out who lives in the smallest of outside spaces.
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Build a bug hotel

Help the wildlife in your garden find safe a place to hide by creating a multistory bug hotel.
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Be an autumn wildlife presenter

Have you ever wanted to be a wildlife presenter on T.V? Well maybe now is your chance to practice.
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Wild Wellbeing

Get crafty and creative by creating your own calming Mandala out of readily available natural materials.
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Draw your zero carbon view

We can create a better sustainable future. Share your view of how it will look!
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Celebrate the Earth: family summit

Share what you love about our planet and explore how you can do your bit.
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Make a climate action poster

Celebrate the world we live in by making a climate action poster and sharing it with us.
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More activities coming soon!

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