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Build a Hog a Home

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Build a hedgehog a home in your garden and help support these cute spiky creatures.

Hedgehogs are in decline across the UK, particularly in their natural, countryside habitats due to habitat loss and climate change. Our little spiky friends have turned to urban areas and gardens to set up home, so by creating a hedgehog box in your garden you might get to spot one of these shy, night-time creatures and support them when they need it most.


  • An adult to help
  • Hammer, saw and nails
  • 2 metal hinges
  • Soil
  • Dry leaves
  • Straw or dry grass
  • Newspapers
  • Polythene sheeting
  • 20mm untreated FSC plywood boards (birch is ideal!) cut to the sizes shown
  • A quiet, shady spot
  • Access to your garden for hedgehogs

hedgehog house diagram

Build a Hog a Home – Step by step

Step 1

Cut your timber to the right size as shown (you might need to ask an adult for help here).

The main house

Using hammer and nails assemble the main house box. Attaching the feet to the base and the hinged lid first might make it a bit easier. You could even drill a hole for a length of hosepipe to slot into, creating ventilation.

The tunnel

Assemble the tunnel and slot it into the main house at an angle, making a ramp.

Don’t be tempted to skip the tunnel, it means predators can’t swipe their paws inside!

Step 2

Find a shady, quiet spot for your hog house. Lift the lid and place a snuggly layer of newspaper, dry leaves and grass inside.

Step 3

Cover the house with polythene sheeting (but make sure it’s still accessible for cleaning in the summer) and pile soil and dead leaves around the outside, leaving the entrance and air pipe free.

Allowing your garden borders to grow wild you create vital corridors for hedgehogs and other mammals to move freely through your garden to their new home and to find food. Make sure to leave entry and exit doors in fences, and if you keep a sharp eye out you might spot these shy visitors to your garden.

Step 4

We love to see what you’ve been up to so why not ask an adult to share your photos of you Hog Home with us on our social media.

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