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Winter wellbeing: tree dressing celebration

Winter wellbeing: tree dressing celebration

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Feed the birds, have fun and celebrate the season by decorating your favourite outdoor tree.

Winter in the UK can feel like it goes on forever. With cold, drizzly days and dark evenings it’s easy to want to stay indoors but it is important to get outside in nature when we can. Spending time in nature has been proven to improve our mood. Just a short walk in your nearest green space can lift the spirits and energy levels, especially on a sunny winter’s day. 

Dressing a tree indoors at Christmas time is something most of us are familiar with, but how about choosing your favourite outdoor tree to dress? In these long dark days a tree dressed with treats for wildlife and homemade decorations can be a cheerful thing to look at and a great way to celebrate the importance of trees.

Tree dressing celebration step by step 

Step 1

Choose your tree. Following Covid-19 guidelines and restrictions, choose your favourite tree or shrub in your outdoor space. Dressing a public tree is fine as long as you have permission from the owner; there might be a tree at school or in a community centre that you could help celebrate. 

Step 2

Time to get creative. Have a think about what you love about your tree, could you celebrate this in your decorations? Use drawing, words, poems, organic materials and colourful, environmentally friendly objects, but think about your materials carefully. 

  • Safe materials. Your decorations might blow off so make sure they’re not going to become harmful rubbish by using organic materials you’ve found, plastic-free paper and card and non-toxic paints. 
  • Edible decorations. Can your decorations double as a treat for wildlife? A pine cone feeder, hanging fruit or strings of bird friendly snacks can be great to look at as well as encouraging wildlife into your garden. 

Step 3

Celebrate your tree. As long as it is safe to do so, why not plan a wintry celebration with your family, with drinks and snacks to help you celebrate the best of the season.

Robin in a tree


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