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Exhibition opens 11 July – Visit CAT’s MArch Sustainable Architecture exhibition on-site at CAT this summer and see how our architects in training put sustainability at the core of their practice and work.

The exhibition is equally an individual and collaborative effort by CAT’s final year students, who were also responsible for creating the new flexible exhibition space at CAT in 2021.

“The exhibition displays a sample of Final Design Projects from CAT’s final year students. The work displayed is diverse and challenging, as much critical as it is hopeful, vital yet playful. Picking up CAT’s mantle of doing architecture differently, each student has respectively wrestled with one of the current political, social and/or environmental challenges facing contemporary society – from homelessness to energy production, natural building materials to cultural and industrial heritage, all the way to historic landscapes,” said Carl Meddings Programme Leader of CAT’s MArch Sustainable Architecture Part 2 course.

The Final Design Projects displayed are self-selected pieces that explore the range of challenges that we will face with advancing climate change, seeking to ‘do architecture differently’ in response to the need to live within planetary boundaries.

Student architecture exhibition

The modular boards and displays being used in the exhibition were also created and built by students last year. Designed by student Freya Bruce, the modular installation celebrates the sustainable materials it’s been built from including rammed earth and re-used timber, and allow the space to become a flexible exhibition hall and an additional workspace for students.

Student architecture exhibition

Key Details

  • Free with entry with your pre-booked visit to CAT
  • Located in the Information and Exhibition Centre, near to CAT’s top station. Follow directions to see the exhibit or ask in our visitor centre.
rammed earth wall of CAT's main lecture theatre

About our Masters in Architecture (Part 2)

CAT has taught Sustainable Architecture course (part 2) for ten years. Our course encourages students to combine design-based academic study with hands-on learning and to explore how doing architecture differently can help in creating a better and more sustainable future.



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