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Wind Power Workshop

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The workshop provides an introduction to the role of wind turbines in the generation of electricity. It covers how they convert the force of the wind into electrical energy and the factors involved in designing and siting an efficient turbine structure.

Pupils work in small groups to build a model wind turbine and then test its performance at different wind speeds and record the results.

Key Info

  • I hour workshop
  • Suitable for Key stage 2 – 4 and A level
  • Focus on renewable energy geography & STEM subjects
  • £70 session up to 20 pupils

Workshop Overview

What happens:

Pupils are introduced to how the energy of the wind can be captured and converted into electrical energy. They will look at real turbine components on-site and gain an understanding of the factors affecting turbine design and construction. They will then build a miniature turbine and test this at different wind speeds to illustrate these factors at work.

Workshop Location:

This workshop takes place on the main CAT site.

Curriculum Links and Skills:

This workshop enables pupils to:

  • Gain understanding of the concept of renewable energy.
  • Learn about the factors effecting real-world turbine design.
  • Investigate the practical issues effecting the design of turbine blades.
  • Carry out fair testing of their own designs and record the results.

Enrichment Activities:

The data recorded during the workshop will be available to use back at school to use and apply the results.

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