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Picture of Roshan Nageena Sabeer

Roshan Nageena Sabeer

2022 CAT Graduate

Roshan is a Principal Architect at Ávása Architects in Kerela, India. Having studied with us through distance learning on our MSc in Green Building course she is steering her small architecture firm to adopt and experiment with the sustainable ideas and materials she learnt about on the course to find suitable solutions for ongoing design and build projects.

“Before joining CAT, I was struggling to run my firm as I felt I was doing more damage to the planet without understanding ways to change popular mindsets about the indiscriminate use of energy in buildings. My passion for influencing a sustainable lifestyle and search for solutions led me to CAT. I could see that CAT shared similar values regarding sustainability and everyone seemed to exhibit the same kind of passion towards doing something for the planet and making the earth a better place. Moreover, CAT offered a flexible learning experience which allowed me to study by distance. I now intend to use the knowledge gained to further shift my firm to a more sustainable model and to share these ideas to influence others through sustainability consultant work in the future.”

She is also passing along the knowledge learnt on her energy and building modules to students in India through her work as an Associate Lecturer at the College of Engineering and Technology, Payyannur and as Visiting Faculty at M.E.S Architecture School.