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New Student Bursaries Launched for 2022

New Student Bursaries Launched for 2022

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CAT’s Graduate School of the Environment at CAT is once again able to offer bursaries to new students accepted to study with us from September 2022, thanks to generous donations from CAT supporters, members and charitable trusts.

Our postgraduate courses have been more popular than ever this year, with over 250 students commencing their studies with us in September 2021. The ability to offer bursaries to students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to study with us helps CAT share climate solutions with an even wider audience, kick-starting the careers of changemakers in sustainability sectors. Confronting climate change requires work on a global scale, with ideas and solutions coming from people from all backgrounds and disciplines. The bursaries we offer ensure our courses are available to a diverse cohort of students, helping them gain inspiration and share knowledge, ready to tackle the climate and ecological emergencies.

A previous recipient of a CAT bursary, Sonia Cunningham, also said, “I feel extremely fortunate to receive a bursary, allowing me the opportunity to pursue my passion for learning about sustainable solutions for climate change at the Centre for Alternative Technology. Being the recipient of the Sir John Houghton Bursary has enabled the financial pressures of education to be preceded by an enthusiasm and awareness towards furthering my education, engaging with the mission of caring for our environment.”

Applications for the bursaries are now open and each one varies in criteria. Find out more about the different bursaries we offer below.

The Llwyngwern Bursary

New for 2022, and named after the transformed slate quarry CAT calls home, funds for the Llwyngwern Bursary were kindly donated by some of CAT’s members. They wished to support two new MSc students to study climate solutions on a CAT Graduate School course.

Motivated by CAT’s mission to inspire, inform and enable humanity to respond to the climate and biodiversity emergency, the bursary will this year be offered to two students starting our courses in September 2022. It will be awarded to a student on our MSc Sustainability and Adaptation course and another on our MSc Sustainability in Energy Provision and Demand Management course. The Llwyngwern Bursary will cover 75% of their tuition costs.

The Sir John Houghton Bursary

Worth £4,500 each year, the Sir John Houghton Bursary will be awarded to a promising student who demonstrates that they have an excellent academic record and a passion for finding solutions to the climate crisis.

The late Sir John Houghton, former co-chair of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Scientific Assessment Working Group and former Chief Executive of the Met Office, made a generous donation in 2016, which allows CAT to provide the bursary on an annual basis.

On awarding CAT the generous donation, he said, “I have spent a lifetime studying the atmosphere and the climate and latterly have been concerned with the reality of human induced climate change. I now want to help the next generation tackle this serious problem, possibly the biggest the world faces.”

CAT students in a futuring workshop

The Ethel and Gwynne Morgan Trust Bursary

The Ethel and Gwynne Morgan Trust funds a bursary for a student starting one of CAT’s Graduate School of the Environment postgraduate courses. The bursary supports students who aim to use the skills and knowledge gained on the course to develop positive solutions to climate change in Wales. We are able to offer a bursary worth £4,500 each year, up until 2024.

The generous donation from the Trust, whose main aims and activities focus on the advancement of scientific education in Wales, will partly fund a student who would otherwise be unable to study on a postgraduate course.

On awarding the bursary to CAT, The Ethel and Gwynne Morgan Trust said, “Climate change is a challenge for us all. The aims of the Ethel and Gwynne Morgan Trust include educational advancement and environmental improvement. One of our trustees visited CAT recently and told us of its commitment to reducing the national carbon footprint and its innovative educative programme. So, we are delighted to offer a bursary with a focus on learning and research to reduce climate change and the development of a sustainable future for generations to come. “

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The Rose Jessica-Maia Bursary

The Rose Jessica-Maia Bursary was created in 2021 to honour the memory of Rose Jessica-Maia. The annual bursary will enable one new MSc student who has experienced, or is experiencing, mental health difficulties to have half their fees paid for them. The bursary will be open to students on the following MSc courses: Sustainable Food and Natural Resources, Sustainability and Ecology, and Sustainability and Behaviour Change.


Applications for all bursaries are now open and will close in May 2022. For further details on how to apply please visit our Fees and Funding page.

To find out more about applying for one of our postgraduate courses for 2022 entry, get in touch with our Graduate School Marketing Officer Alis Rees.



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