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Compost Toilets: Live online (Sold out)

Compost Toilets: Live online (Sold out)

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Get a good understanding of the principles, benefits and limitations of compost toilets on our online compost toilet course.

Explore the construction and component features of compost toilets, the biochemistry of composting and sanitising excreta, and cultural trends governing our attitudes towards toilets such as the ‘yuck’ factor. Join other participants in discussing projects. 

Key Information

  • Duration: one day
  • Upcoming dates: Saturday 29 January 2022
  • Start and finish times: 10am (arrive at the online meeting from 9.45to 4.30pm 
  • Fees: £65
  • Includes: tuition, course materials, Q and A session, opportunity to discuss your project 
  • What to bring: this course will be held on Zoom. To get the most out of the course please use a computer or other device with a screen larger than a phone screen, and enable microphone, speaker and camera
  • Terms and Conditions:

What you will learn

Learn about various waterless toilet systems from simple bucket toilets through urine diversion to the latest innovation systems 

We will discuss the legislative frameworks behind off grid systems, the requirements for licenses and planning permission, the management of greywater, safety aspects and hygiene concerns. 

The course is suitable for anyone with a practical interest in the compost toilet as a watersaving soilmaking technology, anyone looking to install or commission a public or private cost-effective low-maintenance amenity in an urban or remote location, or anyone needing to replace or upgrade a current system.  

Tutor profile

Fin has a BSc in Marine Biology and MSc in Human Ecology and has been working on water resources and services to ecosystems at CAT since 2011, teaching and developing short courses, lectures, tours and workshops to engage people in critical conversations on human-waste-place relations. 

Beyond CAT Fin collaborates on co-design and installation of low impact sanitation solutions for off grid homes, allotments, small holders, festivals and camp sites in Wales, Scotland and Europe. Most recent projects include Phytology’s accessible composting toilet for a nature reserve in Bethnal Green and sanitation solutions for XR Cymru. 

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