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Eco Cabin
Looking over Roger’s Field at the Eco Cabins

Enrich your learning experience in CAT’s immersive group accommodation or use us as a base for a school trip in the area.

Eco Cabins

Get closer to nature in CAT’s Eco Cabins. Situated adjacent to the visitor centre in a secluded private location overlooking the allotments, the Eco Cabins offer two 18-bed self-catering facilities, providing hostel-style accommodation for up to 36 students.

“An immersive learning tool”

Hot water for the cabins is generated by solar thermal panels on the grass roof as well as via the woodstove for heat and hot water. Students can collect logs and tend to the fire under close supervision.

eco cabin
Inside of one of an Eco Cabin

Entering from a sheltered communal outside area between the cabins, each cabin has a welcoming open-plan living space with self-catering kitchen facilities.

There are six bedrooms in each cabin, including two singles for teachers/tutors, plus shower/wet rooms and toilets.

Woodlands of CAT in autumn

A Stunning Setting

CAT is situated within the internationally recognised UNESCO Dyfi Biosphere, a region right in the heart of Wales, celebrated for it's important habitats & wildlife, culture and heritage. The Eco Cabins overlook CAT's allotments with stunning views over the Dulas Valley and the local mountain Tarren y Gesail.

Other Accommodation Facilities

Other accommodation options on-site include our WISE bedrooms, offering 24 smart and confortable twin bedded rooms in our main building in the heart of the visitor centre, and the ‘self build house’ with 16 beds in each.

To enquire about these accommodation options, please ask your contact in our engagement team via the enquiry form below.


Sand water filter

Off-grid Water System

At CAT we do things differently. We’re completely off-grid when it comes to water – we have no mains water supply or sewage treatment and our Eco Cabins are no exception. Water from the reservoir at the top of the quarry trail walk is treated through natural filtration systems and UV filters before being piped round site for various uses. These include drinking water, the kitchens, toilets and to power the water-balanced cliff railway.

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