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Hydro Power Workshop

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The hydro power workshop provides pupils with a practical insight into the principles of hydro-electric power generation.

It makes use of CAT’s own water system, our 3kW commercial pico-hydro installation and our 200W laboratory test rig which give pupils the opportunity to generate and manipulate data.

Key Details

  • Duration 45 – 60 minutes
  • Suitable for A level
  • Focus on STEM subjects
  • The tour involves access to the outer CAT site and suitable footwear and outdoor clothing is essential.
  • Covers water as a renewable energy source, the elements of a hydroelectric power installation and an investigation using applied physics.
  • £70 per session (up to 8 pupils)
  • This activity can be extended by linking to a surveying and off-site visit to a large-scale commercial hydroelectric power station close to CAT.

tidal power demonstration
Workshop Overview

What happens:

Pupils examine the CAT water system from the old quarry reservoir to the pico-hydro generator. Here pupils are shown the main components of the hydro installation and its control system. They then carry out flow rate and electrical power tests on a 200W hydroelectric test rig and analyse the resulting data to investigate the turbine’s efficiency.


This workshop takes place on the main CAT site.

Skills and Curriculum Links:

The hydro workshop enables pupils to:

  • Gain understanding of the fluid dynamic principles of hydroelectric power generation
  • Investigate the siting and efficiency of a water turbine
  • Gain understanding of the main components involved in creating a hydroelectric installation.
  • Analysis and presentation of data in MS Excel (or equivalent software).

Enrichment Activities:

We are able to organise offsite visits to a large 56 MW hydroelectric power station near Aberystwyth (18 miles from CAT)

  • Suitable for A level
  • £120 per session. Note this price excludes transport which can be organised if required.
  • Tours are based on a group of 24. Large groups would need to be split.
  • The hydro is located approx. 1 hr travel time from the CAT site

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