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Picture of Pat Borer

Pat Borer

Visiting Lecturer

With specalist knowledge on building construction, low energy buldings and environmentally friendly materials, Pat is an experienced architect with over 35 years experience. He collaborates with the GSE as a seminar and practical studies tutor for their modules.

Pat Borer is an architect with over 35 years experience in designing and constructing ‘green’ buildings. He has been closely involved with the Centre for Alternative Technology in the design and development of:ultra-low energy buildings, passive and active solar heating systems, photovoltaic roofs, benign building materials and technologies, co-operative ways of building and healthy internal environments.

Elsewhere in the country, Pat has been developing ecological timber frame designs for the self-build housing sector.


Diploma in Architecture (Kingston)
Registered Architect: ARB registration no. 043023D

Teaching Activities

Seminar tutor. Practical Studies Tutor.
Specialist lectures on Building construction, low-energy buildings, environmentally friendly materials.

Research Interests

Sustainable design and build


‘Out of the Woods’ – Ecological Design for Timber Frame Housing. CAT and WSSBT 1994
‘The Whole House Book’ 1998 CAT, 2nd Edition 2005
CAT Publications ‘ Environmental Building’, ‘Buildings’ and ‘Solar Energy’.
Contributions to ‘ The Passive Solar design Aid’ European Commission 1995
Environmental Code of Practice’ BSRIA 1994