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Kevin Gould


Kevin is a Chartered Accountant with a long-held interest in sustainability and a Masters degree in Sustainability & Environmental Management.

Kevin is a Chartered Accountant who has spent 25 years as a consultant, adviser and auditor, working for banks and consultancy firms of all sizes. He has extensive experience working internationally, including living for several years in Hong Kong and the Middle East. He is now an independent consultant, as well as being on the boards of an NHS trust, a university, a social care business and a housing association. Until recently, he was Deputy Chair of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Kevin has a long-held interest in sustainability, which led him to take a Masters in Sustainability & Environmental Management in 2009. His particular interests were (and remain) sustainable consumption and supply chains, and the role of banking in sustainable development. His recent work includes writing guidance for internal auditors to address the risks associated with climate change in their organisations.

Kevin first visited CAT as a child in the 1970s.