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Guillermo Fernández Camacho

2021 CAT Graduate

Guillermo had a background in architecture and refurbishing historical buildings in Spain before his studies at CAT yet he felt he lacked the technical knowledge to tackle environmental issues in his work. To fill this knowledge gap he chose our Green Building course and after graduating in 2021 he now works at PYC a sustainable construction company based in mid-Wales.

Guillermo started his studies as part of our very first intake of students to our Green Building MSc course in 2019. Having previously studied at the School of Architecture of Madrid, and working in the refurbishment of historical buildings in the World Heritage city of Alcalá de Henares, near Madrid, Guillermo realised during his professional experiences that he didn’t have the technical knowledge or the skills to tackle environmental issues and to implement sustainability strategies. Following this, he began to look for courses to fill in this knowledge gap.

“CAT was a wonderful place to start my journey into a fulfilling professional path. Having participated in international exchange programs at the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff during his degree I first saw CAT from afar during a road trip in Wales and the place itself and its location followed by CAT’s sustainability credentials stood out to me which is why I chose to study there.”  

After finishing the Green Building course in 2021, he has been able to find a role within PYC, a construction company in Mid Wales with a strong and honest sustainability ethos. He is currently an architectural designer at PYC and is part of a team that designs and builds houses using sustainable materials (I-beam timber frame with cellulose insulation in closed prefabricated panels) with high energy performance (with airtightness and insulation levels up to the Passivhaus standard). During Guillermo’s studies, he was specifically interested in sustainable building techniques, vernacular architecture and identity which he has been able to continue through to his current role. He hopes to further learn about construction and ways to integrate sustainable strategies into architectural design and be able to manage construction projects that result in exciting places and identities that have sustainability as a core value.