Picture of Dr Alan Owen

Dr Alan Owen

Senior Lecturer

Alan is a Charted Energy Engineer and his research ranges from numerical modelling of sustainable energy systems and resources in Europe, to developing international sustainable energy policy and strategy in post-conflict/post-disaster areas of South East Asia. He primarily teaches renewable energy systems.

Alan is a practical, time served engineer/researcher with 30 years’ experience in renewable energy and sustainable development, from conceptual design & build to implementation and project delivery.

He holds an Associate Professorship from Heriot Watt University and prior to joining CAT he founded and held the post of Director of the Centre for Understanding Sustainability in Practice (CUSP) at Robert Gordon University from 2009-2016. CUSP employed 6 staff and delivered sustainability-related policy, teaching, and research, and consultancy expertise. In addition, CUSP developed new MSc courses (MSc Offshore Renewables, MSc Energy and Sustainability), and successfully bid for project funding of ca. £2 million. Since 2010 he has worked on sustainable food/energy/water nexus projects in UK, South East Asia and West Africa, interfacing with the full social range from indigenous fishing and farming communities in West Papua to Government Ministers in Scotland.


Heriot Watt University, Associate Professor, International Centre for Island Technology, 2017
Robert Gordon University, PhD, 2007,
Robert Gordon University PGCert (Dist) Research Methods, 2004
Robert Gordon University, BEng (Hons, 1st class) Mechanical Engineering, 2002

Professional Qualifications

Energy Institute, Chartered Engineer
Energy Institute, Chartered Energy Engineer


Renewable energy systems (wind, marine, solar, hydro, etc) environmental impact & risk, marine engineering, sustainable energy resources, CO2 emissions, new PhD student induction, PhD supervision, MSc and Undergraduate project supervision, engineering design and fabrication.

Research/consultancy interests

Alan’s research ranges from numerical modelling of sustainable energy systems and resources in Europe , to developing international sustainable energy policy and strategy in post conflict/post disaster areas of South East Asia, and designing sustainable energy systems for rice production and food processing in Togo. Alan has developed collaborative partnerships with Scottish Universities and businesses, Indonesian Universities (Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Universitas Nasional, Universitas Islam Negeri, and Syiah Kuala University), many different NGO’s, and has hosted a number of Indonesian VIP visits to the UK including Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, and Aceh Provincial Government.

He has provided expert opinion in patent actions to new marine energy companies, and energy-saving consultancy to BBC2 programmes.

In 2016, he has delivered marine energy training to Japanese Masters students in Aberdeen and to Indonesian Government policy/strategic planners in Jakarta as well as consultancy to the World Resources Institute and other international NGO’s.

Selected recent publications

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