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Andrew Menzies


Andrew is an engineer whose interest lies in harnessing technology to overcome environmental challenges. He first attended one of CAT’s solar technology courses almost 20 years ago and joined the board of trustees at the beginning of 2018.

Andrew is a Chartered Civil Engineer and Member of the Chartered Institution of Water & Environmental Management. He graduated with a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from Leeds University in 1987 and currently works as Director of 350 Energy Ltd, a small UK-based renewable energy and environmental advisor. Andrew’s 30-year career has spanned industry, government and consulting where he’s always worked at the thorny interface between industry and Sustainable Development.  Andrew learnt about both solar and hydro power systems by attending CAT’s short courses over the last 20 years and has enjoyed putting the skills gained to practical use in real-world projects.

He is married with three children and lives in Yorkshire.  Outside work, Andrew is a keen cyclist and kayaker, and is currently building a timber frame house that encompasses various alternative technologies.