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New Zero Carbon Britain course exploring local energy solutions

New Zero Carbon Britain course exploring local energy solutions

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The Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) is excited to announce a new live online course exploring local energy solutions and their role in reaching a Zero Carbon Britain. The one day course will take place on 21 May 2021 and look at how to set up and run a community or local energy project.

CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain research shows how we can power up renewables and radically transform how we use energy as part of the journey to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Local energy projects offer an empowering and rewarding solution as communities come together to take action. Locally developed energy projects can also offer a better share of the income and jobs, crucial in making our transition to net zero a just one. 

Various sessions over the day will cover renewable energy options, efficiency and placement, how to kickstart a project and get stakeholders on board, and important legal and financial considerations. 

Case studies from a mix of successful rural and urban projects will offer a vision of what projects could look like and achieve, as well as giving attendees the chance to ask questions and network. 

There will be timetabled discussion and reflection sessions, Q&As, networking and offline breaks to keep the online format refreshing and engaging.

Paul Allen, CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain Knowledge and Outreach Coordinator, said of the course: 

“We’re excited to offer this opportunity to delve deeper into the solutions set out in CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain research, and help communities, local authorities and local groups take positive action on the climate crisis.”   

“Not only are local energy projects empowering and financially rewarding, they can also provide an educational tool for local councils and communities on how to turn climate emergency declarations into positive action – offering a blueprint that can be implemented in other areas.”

This course is the first in a series of in depth one day courses focused on the different themes presented in our Zero Carbon Britain research. Upcoming courses will focus on buildings, land use and more.

Find out more about speakers including Repowering London, District Heating Divas, Bro Dyfi Community Renewables, Zero Carbon Wedmore, and more – and book your place today

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