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Fundraise for CAT

Help CAT to fight climate change and expand our educational work by organising a fundraiser for us.

Whether it’s running 10k, a birthday fundraiser, a school raffle, or cycling across the UK, we can talk you though fundraising ideas and provide advice on how to set up a GoFundMe or a Just Giving page or sponsorship form. 

Contact us at or call Tanya on 01654 704950 for a chat about how you can help.

Sustainable birthday ‘presents’

When Dr Nick Carr, a GP from Australia who has visited CAT on a number of occasions, was approaching his 60th birthday, he realised he didn’t want more “stuff” as presents. So he chose to create a JustGiving event page for his birthday, with CAT as the beneficiary. He then invited his friends to donate to this rather than giving him presents. As a result, we were delighted to receive over £1,200 for our core educational work. Nick told us he found the process of setting up an event page easy and quick, and it was straightforward for his friends (from all over the world) to make donations. If you’d like to do something similar yourself, go to, or another online donation website if you prefer.

Running the London Marathon at nearly 75 years old

Long-time CAT supporter Bevis Gillett chose a more energetic way to fundraise – by running the London Marathon in 2017. We were all in awe of his commitment, as well as highly honoured that he chose to make CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain project the beneficiary of the sponsorship he received. If you have thought of taking part in a sporting or other challenge event to raise money for CAT, do let us know. We would love to hear your ideas and cheer you on!

I am very pleased to be raising money to support this exceptional project. There needs to be a revolution in meeting and also limiting society’s energy needs if we are not going to suffer the effects of catastrophic climate change.

Zero Carbon Britain shows through its impressive research the way forward for true sustainability at a time when the trend in society is going in the opposite direction.

Bevis Gillet