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Bringing multi-stakeholder groups together to explore and experiment with new ways of doing things to make net zero happen.

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Existing decision-making processes often struggle to see the whole system and draw on the diverse knowledge, experience and perspectives of stakeholders across it. Bringing people together from across different sectors can help identify solutions that work across a complex range of interacting areas; solutions that not only offer technical fixes but also help overcome political, cultural, economic and psychological barriers.

The Zero Carbon Britain Innovation Lab aims to unlock sustainable solutions to specific challenges, contributing to efforts to avert the most dangerous levels of climate change. The Lab will open up opportunities for citizens, researchers, entrepreneurs, business, government and other organisations to work together to co-design innovative, effective climate solutions. It will do this through multiple innovation lab processes, each tackling specific barriers to reaching net zero. Please contact us to discuss your needs or to find out more.


What is an innovation lab process?

An innovation lab process is highly designed and expert facilitated to support multi-stakeholder groups in addressing a complex social problem, aiming to transform the current system to address that problem.

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