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Discover the secret life of trees.

A unique two-day course immersed in the CAT woodlands, learning about and connecting with the wonderful world of trees. Learn to identify common tree species, understand their basic biology, interpret how trees fit into the wider landscape ecology, explore the myth, legend and folklore surrounding different species, and take the time to really connect with the natural world.

Key information

  • Duration: two days
  • Upcoming dates: please see booking section below for all available dates
  • Start and finish times: starts at 10am and ends at 4pm on the last day
  • Fees: £195
  • Includes: tuition, all materials, full board accommodation
  • What to bring: due to the nature of this course, some practical work will be done outside – we strongly advise you to bring waterproof clothing.

What you will learn

Trees have always held a special place in human culture as sources of not only practical use and planetary health but creative inspiration, mythic symbolism and spiritual significance.

Have you ever wondered if they can communicate, and how? Or how they grow, and what their shape tells us about their lives? Or how to identify different species without even looking at the leaves, and what their presence might tell us about the soil, water or other living beings in the surrounding landscape? Or even what it feels like to be a tree?

Over this weekend we’ll connect deeply with trees in diverse ways, from learning to identify species and understanding tree biology to intimate sensory experience and deep soulful connection. We’ll learn about their uses and services, myths and folklore associated with them and cultivate a whole new appreciation for our wooded friends.

Observing and interpreting the natural world is a powerful way to connect with nature, fostering a deep empathy, respect and sense of belonging. And, as disconnect from nature is identified in CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain: Making it Happen report as one of the major barriers to achieving a just and sustainable zero carbon society, reconnecting is part of the solution. Being able to observe and identify local ecology enables us to notice the changes that are happening to our environment with climate change, and participate in the growing number of ‘citizen science’ projects to record them.

This weekend course uniquely blends practical field ecology, biodiversity monitoring and deep nature connection. Together we’ll learn to:

  • Identify common tree species using a range of techniques
  • Interpret how trees can give clues to understand the wider landscape ecology
  • Learn about different tree species’ place in myth, legend and folklore
  • Learn how to interpret tree ‘body language’, how the shape of a tree can tell you its life story
  • Understand basic tree biology – how they grow, live and communicate with each other
  • Gain unique insight into the secret lives of trees
  • Connect with trees with sensing, intuition, imagination, and emotion – pathways to connection based on scientific research
  • Develop dynamic multi-sensory awareness techniques for heightened awareness and deep connection with nature
  • Develop nature observation techniques to build into your daily life
  • Contribute to science by submitting your observations to the Living Wales (and other) citizen science project(s)

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