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A Work that Reconnects Retreat

A Work that Reconnects Retreat

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A week-long retreat combining meditation with volunteering.

This eco-retreat builds on the work of Joanna Macy, combine time spent volunteering in the CAT woodlands and gardens with daily meditation and silent reflection.

Key information

• Duration: six days
• Upcoming dates: 7th-12th July
• Fees: £230
• Booking: This event is run by Sanghaseva at CAT – bookings are via their website.

What the organisers say

Come join us for a meditative exploration of connection with land, community and ecological action.

Building on the last five years of retreats at CAT we will work together to create a small inclusive temporary community in one of the Eco-Cabins at CAT.

The days will be framed by regular daily meditation practice and periods of silent reflection, volunteering with physical work in the growing fields, gardens and woodland at CAT, and nurturing our deepening connection to the web of life through workshop activities drawn from the ‘Work that Reconnects’, created by Joanna Macy and other Spiritual Activist luminaries.

Our intention is to nourish, resource and inspire our collective and personal responses to the ecological, social, political and spiritual challenges of our times, in service to ‘the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible’.

We actively encourage and support diversity in terms of race, gender, age, class, sexuality and ethnicity, and wholeheartedly welcome people of all backgrounds.

The physical work and simple nature of the bunk bed dormitory style accommodation do require a certain level of physical health, however, we endeavour to include any and all who are willing to enter into the spirit of the retreat regardless of capacity.

We are committed to a fair and openly accessible financial arrangement; there are a limited number of bursaries available, and once we are able to cover costs are willing to discuss a sliding scale of payment for those in need of this. Please feel free to contact us for clarification or questions!

If you are interested in joining us, read more information and register for this retreat at Sanghaseva

Meet your tutors

The retreat will be facilitated by Gareth Fysh-Foskett and Julia Wallond of Sanghaseva.