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In 2013, writer and editor Hannah Engelkamp walked around Wales with Chico the donkey, then used crowdfunding to publish a book and feature film of their journey.

After their mad cap journey the crowdfunder went viral, raising over £35,000. Hannah went on to advise on many other campaigns, and has given talks about crowdfunding at the Royal Geographical Society and the Adventure Travel Film Festival.

“Crowdfunding… seems to me to be one part of a shift in the power relations of the world. There’s a challenge to the top-down, obfuscated, big-business, one-way models, where companies decide what we want, make it and sell it, and then next year make a new version and begin the money-harvesting merry-go-round again,” explains Hannah.

Hannah will be coming to the Centre for Alternative Technology at the beginning of February to run a weekend workshop on crowdfunding.

She will cover everything from the history (did you know that 160,000 people donated to build the base of the Statue of Liberty in 1885?) to the ideology of retaining the rights to your creativity, and will show you how to run your own campaign.

Adventure filmmaker Rhys Thwaites-Jones will also be here to teach you about making crowdfunding films, PR, copywriting, social media and clever ideas to get your project noticed, as well as how to make and price both the rewards and the finished product.

Whether you have a project underway or an idea for something for the future, this course will enable you to come away with a project plan to get your own crowdfunder kick-started.

Book here.