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Our graduates have used the skills and experience they've gained to make a real difference, helping to bring about the changes our society needs to create a more sustainable future.

As a CAT Graduate, there are many ways to continue to be a part of the CAT community after your graduate.

We offer a range of opportunities to CAT graduates including guest lecturing on our module weeks, CAT membership and short course offers, social networking and informal meetups and we are also hoping to build the network to offer further opportunities in the future.

We would also really like to hear about your journeys and stories so please stay in touch.

Meetup and social networks

Informal graduate meet-ups happen in towns and cities across the UK and there are several active social media groups where students and graduates share ideas, advice and inspiration.

Once a CAT graduate, you’re always part of the community. Facebook and LinkedIn are the busiest CAT Graduate social platforms.

The Graduate School now runs an annual Graduate Symposium inviting graduates back to CAT to share how you are all taking action on environmental issues and developing and implementing climate solutions, and provide opportunities for networking.

Graduate profiles

To date over 2,000 people have completed postgraduate awards at CAT and we are building our network of CAT graduates to help bring about sustainable change. Over 50 businesses and projects have been formed by our community of students and alumni including Repowering London, sustainable building materials specialists Adaptavate, and many graduates are also seen as specialist experts in their fields.

We have begun by developing graduate profiles to showcase the wide range of careers and experiences our graduates go on to after finishing their studies at CAT including starting or running their own businesses.

If you would like to share your journey and appear in a graduate profile similar to the ones below and shown on the Careers Pathways page, please get in touch or fill out our Graduate Profile Form.

CAT membership and short courses offers

All students become CAT members once they join a Graduate School course, and this continues once you graduate. This includes receiving our quarterly Clean Slate Magazines and invitations to the CAT members conference. CAT students and graduates can also access a 10% discount on CAT short courses (subject to availability) except for our one-day courses. The discount can only be applied if you book via our Short Courses team on the phone.

CAT Graduate Profiles

Latest CAT Graduate News and Blogs

Get Involved

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with as a CAT graduate from writing blogs, guest lecturing, representing CAT at events and speaking to prospective students. We would also really like to hear about your journeys and stories.

We are also building a group of CAT Champions to help us reach out to bring about sustainable change. Let us know if you're interested in supporting us.

We also regularly send out news from CAT and the Graduate School including updates on what our graduates are now up to. If you’d like to get involved with any of the above then get in touch.