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A World of Sustainability

A World of Sustainability

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CAT is an environmental education centre where you can explore eco-friendly ideas and technologies in a fun interactive way.

There is no one solution that will help us rapidly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. Action across society is needed, implementing a wide range of sustainable solutions.

While exploring the CAT site, go on a journey to discover how solutions fit together and how we can all work together to create a more sustainable world.

Take a look below for more information about the CAT site.

Child looks at the interactive hydro electric display


From energy conservation to renewable energy generation, CAT has 50 years’ experience using a wide range of energy technologies. On-site you’ll find wind, solar, hydro and biomass, as well as a wide range of energy saving techniques.
rammed earth wall of CAT's main lecture theatre

Green Building

Experience beautiful, innovative and award winning buildings, learn self-build construction techniques and see how building and architectural ideas have evolved since CAT started in 1973.
Flowers and vegetables in the CAT gardens


CAT has eight different organic garden spaces to explore, from a tiny container garden to a two-acre field. Along the way you’ll find an experimental forest garden, a classic allotment plot, the soil care garden and two very different polytunnels.
kids running on the quarry trail

Woodlands & Wildlife

Weave your way through sustainably managed woodland to unlock stunning views of the valley below or discover the wildlife that calls CAT home.
Old black and white photo of cretan wind turbine at CAT

Historic CAT

Founded in an unused slate quarry, CAT has come along way since our humble beginnings.