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CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain course joins global training day as COP26 begins

CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain course joins global training day as COP26 begins

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As the long-awaited COP26 climate negotiations began in Glasgow, CAT was part of the largest ever climate action training day, aimed at building knowledge across all sectors to help everyone play their part in addressing the climate emergency.

Working with our friends at the Carbon Literacy Project, CAT’s ‘Zero Carbon Britain: Carbon Literacy for Local Authorities’ short course allowed participants to take part in this global day of action.

The CAT course, which uses research and training from our Zero Carbon Britain Hub & Innovation Lab, focuses on training Local Authorities and is accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project. The course allows those working in or with local authorities to explore climate solutions and the practical steps needed to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Aerial view of a town with Zero Carbon Britain logo

A combination of live lectures, Q&A sessions, workshops and debates helps attendees to create action plans to reach net zero.

Not everyone can attend one of our courses, so the course uses a ‘train-the-trainer’ model, helping rapidly expand the number of people able to receive Zero Carbon Britain Carbon Literacy training.

Those completing today’s course are among thousands of people that gained Carbon Literacy certification as part of ‘Carbon Literacy Action Day’ on 1 November.

Local authorities working for change

Amanda Smith, Training Manager for Zero Carbon Britain, said:

“Creating change in our personal lives is important, but by focusing this course on Local Authorities we hope to reach and influence an even wider range of people.

“CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain research shows a vision for a zero carbon future, and this course gives people the skills and motivation to make the necessary changes in their daily lives, both at home and through their workplace.

“Local Authorities have a crucial role in the journey to net zero, and the skills developed on this course will enable these organisations to act on the climate and biodiversity emergency.”

Local authorities are particularly important in the journey to net zero greenhouse gas emissions, and today’s training gave those on the frontline of climate action the ability to create change.

CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain Hub & Innovation Lab empowers organisations and communities to take action, providing people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to implement rapid change where it is needed most, particularly in complex economic, political and social systems.

As part of the course, participants committed to two carbon-reducing actions, one individual action and one that will influence others. These actions will go on to be assessed by the Carbon Literacy Project for participants to be certified as Carbon Literate. Once people have this certification, they can train others in their sector or field of work, creating carbon-cutting cascades within their organisations.

Screenshot of people holding up paper with a message on Zoom attending a Zero Carbon Britain Course

Urgent and ambitious action

As world leaders meet in Glasgow, they must show real leadership and commit to rapid action to prevent catastrophic climate change. This means ambitious and binding commitments from countries across the globe to urgently slash greenhouse gas emissions to ensure the target of 1.5 degrees of warming in the Paris agreement is not missed.

To achieve this reduction, we need transformations in all sectors, from energy to food, transport to fashion.

Change on this scale means we all have a part to play, and understanding our personal and organisational carbon emissions, as well as how to reduce them, it is essential to reaching these goals.

CAT’s ‘Zero Carbon Britain: Carbon Literacy for Local Authorities’ not only delivers the skills and understanding to make these changes, but will create cascades of change as new trainers are able to spread their newfound knowledge within their networks.

Upcoming training events

There are further dates for CAT’s ‘Zero Carbon Britain: Carbon Literacy for Local Authorities’ course starting on 9 December and 3 February.

CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain team can also deliver this training on custom dates for your Local Authority team – please get in touch to find out more and arrange your course by emailing

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