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CAT joins Protecting our Planet Day for schools

CAT joins Protecting our Planet Day for schools

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On Thursday 30 November, CAT is taking part in an inspiring day dedicated to environmental issues and solutions, livestreamed from experts around the world to schools across the UK.

Protecting our Planet 23’ will see 100,000+ school pupils taking part in livestreamed talks and activities, accompanied by recorded sessions and classroom resources, all full of information and inspiration on climate change, biodiversity loss, and how we can protect our incredible planet.

Sessions from CAT will look at the importance of forest ecosystems and how we can protect and restore forests and address climate change.

Professor Richard Lucas will lead live link-ups from CAT’s Living Wales Exhibition, joined online by researchers from around the world. From Welsh woodlands and Italian mountain forests to Australian mangroves and Malaysian tropical forests, we will explore the wonders of these amazing ecosystems, the impacts of human activities, the action being taken to secure a better future, and what more needs to be done.

Living Wales opening
Professor Richard Lucas showcasing CAT’s Living Wales Exhibition

The day also includes a live introduction from the RRS Sir David Attenborough polar research vessel team and a live session with Planet Earth III producers featuring stories from the current series.

Teachers, schools, home educators and families can all register to join the day – find out more and reserve your spot here:

Find out more about CAT’s work with schools, including school visits to our eco centre and online workshops, at

Protecting our Planet 23 is run by STEM Learning, an organisation that supports education in science, technology, engineering and maths.

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