We need a ‘new deal’ for net zero – CAT statement on PM’s speech

We need a ‘new deal’ for net zero – CAT statement on PM’s speech

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Commenting on the Prime Minister’s post-coronavirus recovery plan, Peter Tyldesley, Centre for Alternative Technology CEO said:

“As we plan our recovery from the COVID-19 crisis, we must keep our sights firmly set on preventing the even more damaging, and irreversible, climate and biodiversity crises.

“All measures must support the UK on the path to net zero, or Project Speed will see us rushing headlong towards climate catastrophe. Our Government must step up to ensure we are prepared and take bold action to build our resilience. 

“Measures that would support a zero carbon Britain include: a nationwide programme of fitting our houses with insulation, low carbon heating and renewable energy installation; investment in a 100% renewables electricity system; joined-up affordable public transport, better infrastructure for walking and cycling, and investment in infrastructure for electric vehicles.

“And we need retraining programmes to equip people with skills and knowledge to support this transition.

“We have the technology now to start building a country that is fit for the future – what’s needed is the political will. 

“Delivering a zero carbon Britain holds the potential to be one of the most exciting opportunities in our history, offering us the chance to simultaneously resolve many other problems. The UK Government has the chance to seize this moment to build a better future for all, but cannot do so without hardwiring real action on climate change into our economic recovery.”


Zero Carbon Britain

Our research has shown that a modern, zero-emissions society is possible using technology available today.

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