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Quarry Trail

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Woodlands of CAT in autumn

Glorious Views

Glorious views of our sustainable managed woodland.

Quarry trail

Good Access

Well maintained paths throughout the route, though it is steep in places.

Climb up through sustainably managed woodland to discover spectacular views over the foothills of southern Snowdonia National Park.

Our stunning Quarry Trail walk takes visitors high above the Visitor Centre to learn about CAT’s sustainable off-grid water systems, to discover our thriving biodiversity and to gaze down into the remains of Llwyngwern Quarry and the site’s industrial past.

A trip back in time

Now home to waterfalls, woodland and wildlife, you can still see snapshots of industrial archaeology and quarrying equipment left over from when the CAT site was a working quarry. A little walk on from the view point, you’ll find a small slate structure that weighed the slate as it left the quarry.

Reclaimed by nature

Immerse yourself in the varied habitats of moorland heath, wildflower meadow and mature broadleaf woodland and learn about the dormice, tawny owls, lizards and woodpeckers that call CAT home.

Off-grid water system

Along the way, you’ll pass by CAT’s reservoir, the source of all of the water used on site. You’ll also learn about our eco filtration systems and how we make water safe to drink.

All three trails (short, medium and long) boast unique natural features and are steep and uneven in places so wear sturdy shoes and keep kids close.



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