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May half term

May half term

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A hive of activity this May half term.

Head to CAT this May half term and take part in some of our free family activities.


Activities run from Saturday 28 May to Sunday 5 June.


Note: Not all activities may be run each day.

Bee discovery trail

Keep your eyes peeled for giant bees as your explore the gardens and woodlands at CAT and discover the amazing life of bees and the different ways we can support pollinators at home! Can you find them all?

Bug hotel building

Creepy crawlies of all shapes and sizes need small dark places to call home and bees are no exception. We’re building a giant bug hotel to give our little buzzing friends a helping hand and we need your help!

Pollinator planting

The roof of our giant bug hotel will be a green roof. That means we’ll be planting bee friendly, nectar rich plants on the roof to help provide food for the bees all year round! Come and get involved and help plant these pollinator plants and flowers.

Guided tours are on offer daily

See the CAT site through the eyes of our expert guides. Learn about the history of CAT and how it was transformed from an old quarry, discover examples of renewable energy and sustainable building around site, and explore how CAT’s water systems are all naturally managed from a reservoir up in the hills. Each day has a different themed tour.

With all this, an adventure playground and delicious food from our vegetarian café, you’ll find everything you need to keep the family happy this half term.

All activities are FREE with your entry ticket.