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Child looks at the interactive hydro electric display

Energy Displays

Check out our handy interactive displays showcasing what renewable electrical generation looks like and how it works.

CAT Hydroelectric generator

Generating Electricity at CAT

See electrical generation in action as we harness the power of the wind, sun and water.

kids in an old wind turbine hub

Kids inside a wind turbine part

Learn about renewable electricity generation and how the UK can move towards using 100% renewable energy.

Child looks at a renewable energy display

More than just electricity

Explore how we can save energy by improving our houses, changing how we generate heat and looking at how we travel.

Come see our array of interactive and informative renewable energy displays and learn how we can safeguard our future.

To tackle climate change we need to stop burning fossil fuels, and we need to act now! There is much more we can do to generate renewable energy and, to meet the challenge of climate change, we’ll have to use an array of different technologies to meet our energy needs.

Using Hydro Power

We are using water from the reservoir in the hills above the visitor centre and water pressure created by the weight of the water to create electricity. CAT’s on-site hydro turbine forces 20 litres per second of water against the turbines’ blades to make it spin, producing a maximum output of 3.5 kilowatts.

Biomass for Heating

CAT’s buildings are all heated by biomass boilers. These boilers burn biomass in the form of wood pellets to create heat in a very controlled environment and produce efficiency ratings of approximately 90%. Come and find out more about biomass and where it sits in a world of renewable energy.

Capture the Power of the Sun

Ultimately, all renewable energy uses the power of the sun. Check out how we can use simple technology to directly heat water with Solar Water Heating or to generate electrical energy with Photovoltaic Solar Panels.

Harness the Wind

The UK is the windiest country in Europe, and when sited in the right place wind turbines are a great way to generate renewable energy. In some instances simple windmills can be used to pump water.

Onsite we have various displays that help demonstrate the awesome potential of wind. Check out our ‘wind seat’ and directly experience the power of the wind, see displays on and various parts from large wind turbines, or see wind generation in action as our small wind generator (Marlec FM 1800) supplies electricity to our Eco Cabins.



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