UK climate change committee issues stark warning to government

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The UK climate change committee has today released a new report, the first of its kind to the new parliament, Reducing emissions and preparing for climate change: 2015 Progress Report to Parliament. The report says that early action in the new Parliament is needed to keep the UK’s emissions reductions on track and to adapt to climate change.

The report ccc_logo calls on the government to;

  • extend funding for low-carbon electricity generation to 2025, to support investment and innovation and to continue cutting costs
  • agree an action plan that delivers low-carbon heat and energy efficiency to allow homes to be heated for less while addressing the risks from rising temperatures and flooding
  • continue support for efficient, low-emission vehicles to save drivers money
  • develop new infrastructure that helps to combat climate change and is resilient to its impacts
  • act to preserve the fertility and organic content of soils and counter the decline in productive farmland.

Lord Deben, Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, said:

“This Government has a unique opportunity to shape climate policy through the 2020s. It must act now to set out how it plans to keep the UK on track. Acting early will help to reduce costs to households, business and the Exchequer. It will improve people’s health and wellbeing and create opportunities for business in manufacturing and in the service sector.”

Adrian Ramsay, CEO of the Centre for Alternative Technology said;

“This latest report from the UK Climate Committee is yet another call to action from official climate science that time is running out and we must act now.  CAT is calling on the UK government to embrace this warning and take the urgent and immediate action that it requires.

The evidence demands a clear ‘zero emissions’ end-goal, driving international ambition ready for the UN negotiations in Paris. A clear target is also important to the business community, clarifying what actions need to be taken today and giving them confidence to invest in clean technologies. A zero emissions goal gives long-term predictability; it provides a practical signal to every level of society to drive innovation, planning and action.

The real cost of renewable energy is falling faster than expected. By supporting renewable energy and launching a national energy efficiency programme the UK can reduce its emissions significantly and take a leadership role in creating the zero carbon future we know must happen. The Centre for Alternative Technology has shown through its Zero Carbon Britain project that it is technically possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions quickly. Now is the time for the government to embrace the solutions and lead this change.”