This is an emergency — let’s act like it.  

This is an emergency — let’s act like it.  

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Public awareness and the desire to create change is building. Later this week people from across the world will join a global week of climate action in support of the school strikers.

To learn how you can get involved with strikes in your area visit –

This September is a busy month for climate action. Paul Allen has been up and down the country talking about how we can create a Zero Carbon Britain. 

Paul reports back on some inspiring events and on what’s coming up this week…

paul allen lecture

Change is the only constant, and change is coming whether we like it or not. But even though time is tight, we can still do this. We have all the tools, the only thing holding us back is political leadership.

However, new leadership is emerging at town, city and county level. One clear example of this leadership will happen during September. Millions of us will walk out of our workplaces and homes to join young climate strikers on the streets and demand action of climate breakdown. CAT’s vital role is to share solutions, so in the run-up I will be touring the UK to share our vision for a Zero Carbon Britain.

Past Events

Thursday 12th September

I presented an overview of CAT Zero Carbon Britain research to a many enthusiastic young students (and lectureres) at Manchester Metropolitan University’s Science and Engineering Research Symposium.

Science and Engineering Research Symposium

Saturday 14th September

I was asked to talk at a Climate Emergency Summit in London alongside a range of expert speakers and practitioners, such as Andrew Simms from the Rapid Transition Alliance and CAT GSE graduate Agamemnon Otero of Repowering London. The day-long event offered a range of solutions to councillors, council officers, community leaders and campaigners who want to turn a declaration of a climate emergency into plans for change.

greenhouse think tank

Sunday 15th September

I talked climate solutions and Zero Carbon Britain with a host of enthusiastic rebels of all ages at the Rebel Rising training festival back in Wales!

rebel rising

Upcoming events and speaking engagements

Thursday 19th September

I have been asked to present Zero Carbon Britain at the Eco-I 2019 conference at Lancaster University. This event brings together academia, industry, and policy to share how recent research advances are driving eco-innovation across six key global challenges: energy, waste, food water, resource efficiency, and natural capital.

Friday 20th September

Active young people have asked me and a range of other adults to join them on the streets of Carlisle. My role will be to share Zero Carbon Britain solutions, as we all call for strong climate action. Workers are striking. Entire businesses are closing for the day to support the event, even primary schools are bringing their pupils!

Sunday 21st September

I will be presenting Zero Carbon Britain at the first Cumbria Climate Emergency Action Summit. Many districts are grappling with what to actually do after declaring a climate emergency – what actions to take, whether to set up a citizens’ assembly, how to engage the public, what partners to involve. This event aims to answer those questions and more, drawing from the experience and knowledge of experts and those who’ve begun the journey.

Image by Jasmin Sessler from Pixabay

Friday 27th to Sunday 29th September

Then over the weekend of the 27th, I will be back at CAT for our annual CAT Conference where the theme is inspiring action on climate change. There’s been so much interest this year that it has already sold out, and I’m already looking forward to having a host of engaging conversations, workshops and speakers.

Rammed Earth lecture theatre at Graduate School of the Environment