Taking action on the climate emergency – what support do you still need? (Survey ends Friday 17 April!)

Taking action on the climate emergency – what support do you still need? (Survey ends Friday 17 April!)

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To help us better support communities, local authorities and businesses looking to develop climate emergency action plans, our Zero Carbon Britain Hub team has launched a survey to find out more about what kind of support is needed.

Owing to the inspiration provided by our Zero Carbon Britain reports, CAT continues to receive an increasing number of requests for support from individuals, groups, councils and other organisations working to develop climate emergency action plans.

Building on our 14 years of research into what a zero carbon future could look like, CAT aims to support this rapidly growing movement; from April 2020 our Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab will be in operation, with a dedicated new team of four people working with CAT’s new Head of Policy and Communications.

How can we help?

To help us to better understand how CAT’s Hub and Innovation Lab can inform, influence and support organisations to move towards decarbonisation targets, and to help us tailor our provision to what is really needed, we have designed an online survey. We have been distributing this to people making enquiries as well as through our contact networks, hoping to reach as many relevant people and perspectives as possible.

All surveys submitted that include contact details will be entered into a prize draw to win two places on one of our Zero Carbon Britain courses.

If you’re part of a community group, local authority or organisation and would like to work with us on zero carbon action planning, please do take part and tell us what kind of support you have and what kinds of support you still need. We’d also appreciate it if you could draw the attention of others to the survey, before it closes on Friday April 17 2020.

Survey now closed

Online training and future courses

For our planned 28-29 April 2020 Zero Carbon Britain training course, we are switching to an online format for training and interactive group-work; we plan to offer further dates for this online format. We are also hoping the course will run on site at CAT on 21-22 July and 2-3 December 2020. Bookings are now open for all of these dates.

The current COVID-19 crisis shows how fragile countries and global systems are to major shocks. Climate change is another very foreseeable risk that will unfold over decades to come – not just one crisis but a potential series of them, all with a common cause. We must make sure we are prepared and take action to build our resilience. We look forward to supporting you in responding to this challenge.

Zero Carbon Britain: Online Live

New online Zero Carbon Britain course exploring climate solutions – the science says we must, the technology says we can, time to say we will!

Learn how, skill up and connect with others in this field, all from your own home.

29 to 30 April 2020

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