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Sustainable Land Use Seminar

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Over 80 people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds met yesterday at CAT to discuss and debate sustainable land use in a Zero Carbon Britain (ZCB) scenario.

The seminar asked key questions that society must address if we are to prevent catastrophic climate change. Peter Harper speaking for CAT said, “ ZCB is a plan for a rapid decarbonisation scenario, at 5% reduction in emission per year”

Peter also said that there is currently is a “huge gap between what is physically needed and what might be politically realistic”

The seminar called for a re ranking in the priorities of land use away from highly emitting practices and towards looking for economic incentives for low emission practices to be deployed across the agricultural sector. The seminar asked some hugely topical questions and agreed that whilst there was no absolute answer yet we must deal with the realities of climate change. The next seminar on ZCB will be from the 2nd- 4th of October Power and Place: good energy practice in the transition from fossil fuel dependency