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CAT’s five-year strategic plan outlines the key areas we are focusing on as we work towards our vision of a sustainable future for all humanity as part of a thriving natural world.

Solutions to the climate and biodiversity emergency

The world must reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century if we are to avoid dangerous climate breakdown. The earlier this is achieved, the greater our chance of limiting global temperature rise to near 1.5°C.

At the same time we need to adapt infrastructure and ways of life to reduce the impacts of now unavoidable levels of climate change, and we must address the widespread destruction of ecosystems and biodiversity loss.

CAT’s unique role

With five decades experience in environmental solutions, CAT has a unique role to play. Our strategy outlines the key ways in which we use our collective knowledge, networks and resources to help fulfil CAT’s mission to inspire, inform and enable humanity to respond to the climate and biodiversity emergency.

Download CAT’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Inspiration, training and education

Over the next few years, CAT’s work will focus on providing inspiration, training and education in positive solutions to accelerate the shift to net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Our ambitious plans include a reimagining and redevelopment of the CAT eco centre, with a new and updated immersive visitor experience. A new sustainable skills hub will allow many more people to access the skills and knowledge to help create a zero carbon future, and we will continue to develop and invest in our innovative postgraduate courses.

Alongside this, we have plans to rapidly scale up our outreach work to deliver CAT’s message and learning experiences to a much wider digital audience.

Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab

Our Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab will work with councils, communities and organisations, helping build their capacity to implement solutions, create systemic change and increase resilience to climate change, and we’ll work with partners across the UK to influence government policy in support of the transition to zero carbon.

Investing in the organisation

Crucial to the success of these plans is investment in the organisation – building financial resilience, capacity and capability, including a proactive push to enhance diversity and inclusion at all levels within the organisation and amongst our audiences.

Download the CAT Strategic Plan 2020-2025 to find out more.


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