Short Course Stories: CAT course inspires a world’s first

Short Course Stories: CAT course inspires a world’s first

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In 2016 Chuck Maffett attended a ‘Building with Rammed Earth’ course at CAT, since then he has gone on to set up his own business, eco earth walz making prefabricated earth walls. We asked him a few questions and learned what he’s been up to.

Since attending the course ….

I started up a new business to make prefabricated rammed earth walls made by my newly invented automated technology (patent-pending). These prefabricated earth walls can be made to any size up to 3 meters high, 2 meters long 60 cm wide, and can be with or without tongue and groove.

chuck with prefab earth wall

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How did the course help?

The course provided all the necessary concepts and fundamentals to getting started with rammed earth. While there is a more scientific side to rammed earth, it was good to get a basic understanding and both figuratively and literally, get our hands dirty (building a rammed earth wall). As the course proved, rammed earth is a very labour-intensive process, hence my invention of automated technology to speed up the process, which in turn will make earth building more efficient and affordable.

Future plans?

I have just completed building what I believe is the world’s first prefab earth tiny house/shed to demonstrate the concept of building with prefab earth walls. I now hope to seek capital funding/investment to further develop the business and begin production. I think now, more than ever, we should be building totally eco-friendly structures to reduce carbon emissions associated with our built environment and save our precious planet.

Anything else?

Rammed earth is probably the most eco-friendly building material, and I hope my invention and prefab earth walls can revolutionise our built environment from construction to operation.

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