Sensory Exploration

Sensory Exploration

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This activity takes places outside in a woodland environment. Pupils explore the area relying on different senses as part of the activities.

The workshop will be centred around communication, language and literacy. During part of this session, participants are invited to wear a blindfold and rely on their other senses. Great for team building and confidence. Lots of fun, but can be muddy and wet!

Key Info

  • Duration up to 90 minutes
  • Suitable for KS2 – KS4 and A level
  • Focus on nature connection with opportunities for team building and discussion
  • This activity takes place in woodland off the main site, suitable footwear and clothing is essential. Pupils may get muddy so old clothing is recommended
  • Cost £90 per session
  • Maximum group size 18

Workshop Overview

What Happens?

Pupils are guided to explore the woodland using their senses, focusing on the season and natural environment. They describe what they see, hear, smell and touch. At the end of the session, pupils explore trees and a low rope trail. They are invited to wear a blindfold and explore using other senses with the support of a partner.


The activity takes place off the main site in adjoining woodland.

Enrichment Activities

Become an environmental artist using found natural objects. Use your imagination to create a piece of art which reflects the beauty of the woodland and surrounding area.

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