The Story of Water

The Story of Water

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The story of water is an exploration of the role of water in our daily lives and to the health of the planet.

A guided tour gives full guided access to CAT’s off-grid water system, reservoir, water treatment facilities, hydro generator and water balanced railway. The tour ends at the CAT waste water treatment reed beds and, finally, the beautiful River Dulas.

Key Info

  • Duration 90 minutes
  • Suitable for Key stage 2 – 4, A level and university level with enrichment activities
  • Focus on Geography and STEM subjects
  • The tour involves access to the outer CAT site and suitable footwear and outdoor clothing is essential
  • Covers the water cycle, water treatment and water as a renewable energy source.
  • £90 per session (up to 20 pupils)
  • This activity can be extended by linking to a hydroelectric practical suitable for A level and above

Workshop Overview

What Happens?

Pupils undertake a guided tour of the CAT water system from its reservoir and catchment through the site and ending on the banks of the River Dulas. Pupils are introduced to the issues affecting water quality including potential pollutants, and carry out basic water quality tests and observe and test the effectiveness of a filtration system. The concept of personal water footprints is covered and compared with others from around the world.

Pupils go on to explore the site’s installed water filtration systems and waste water reed beds. They also visit the site’s hydro electric generator and look at the use of water to drive the CAT’s water balanced railway.


This workshop takes place on the main CAT site.

Skills and Curriculum Links

The story of water tour enables pupils to:

  • Gain understanding of the management of water sources
  • Learn about water footprinting
  • Investigate the practical issues affecting water quality
  • Investigate filtration systems
  • Carry out testing of water samples and record the results
  • Gain a practical understanding of water as a renewable energy source.

Enrichment Activities

We are able to organise off-site visits to a large 56 MW hydroelectric power station near Aberystwyth (18 miles from CAT).

  • Suitable for A level and above
  • £120 per session. Note this price excludes transport which can be organised if required.
  • Allow a minimum of 3 hours for travel and tour based on a group of 24. Large groups would need to be split.

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