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Picture of Dr Scott Leatham

Dr Scott Leatham

Senior Lecturer

Scott Leatham is a senior lecturer and tutor at CAT, he teaches sustainability concentrating on food systems and policy, natural resources, and environmental politics and economics. He also has a PhD in Global Political Ecology.

As a political ecologist, Scott focuses on teaching issues of human-nature relations and how we represent and know about nature and environments in different political, socioeconomic, and cultural contexts, and through themes like justice, representation, and exclusion.

His PhD was split between the UK and China and investigated the discourse of globalised sustainable development including assumptions and representations of both nature and human agency in relation to sustainability transitions. This was compared with the increasingly global discourse of China’s ecological civilization, winning an award for contributions to research. He was involved in teaching and research projects in China and conducted research at United Nations climate talks (COP23). He has taught at the University of Edinburgh, De Montfort University, and the University of Leicester, and has given visiting lectures at Liaoning University in China and delivered papers across China and the UK. Outside of academia, Scott has also worked for environmental organisations and networks on post-Brexit environmental governance, food system transitions, and developing a place- and justice-focused framework for nature-based solutions. He is a Research Fellow with the Wellbeing Economy Alliance.


PhD Global Political Ecology.

MA International Relations.

BA (Joint Hons.) International Relations and History.

Teaching activities


Seminar and personal tutoring.

Thesis supervision.

Research interests

Nature commoditisation and decommodification.

Degrowth and post-growth transitions.

Nature and epistemic violence.

Rights-based approaches and place-based approaches to restoration.

Environmental identity, citizenship, and agency.

Green theory and critical discourse studies.

Recent publications & conference papers

Leatham, S. (2020). ‘What can the UK COVID-19 response tell us about the nature of consumerism in neoliberal emergencies?’ Political Studies Association Environmental Working Group. Conference:  Environmental Politics in a Post-COVID World: Challenges and Future Trajectories, 10-11 Sept. 2020 [online].

Walton P, Eaton M, Stanbury A, Hayhow D, Brand A, Brooks S, Collin S, Duncan C, Dundas C, Foster S, Hawley J, Kinninmonth A, Leatham S, Nagy-Vizitiu A, Whyte A, Williams S and Wormald K (2019). The State of Nature: Scotland 2019. The State of Nature partnership.

Leatham, S. (2019). The Spectacle of Sustainability in the Post-Ecological Era: A Discourse-Theoretical Critique of Green Consumerism. Political Studies Association Annual Conference, April 2019.

Leatham, S. (2016). Book Review: Mats Braun. Europeanization of Environmental Policy in the New Europe. European Foreign Affairs Review, 21 (2): 309-314.