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The Centre for Alternative Technology has launched a new book called Choosing Ecological Sewage Treatment to help people without a mains sewage connection to treat their own sewage.

There are approximately one million properties in the UK that do not have access to mains sewage. Each one needs its own sewage system, and each system must be appropriate to its site, place and usage. Choosing Ecological Sewage Treatment helps people who are moving into existing properties and those planning a new build to choose and understand a system that will deal with the waste of up to 50 people.

Many existing off-mains sewage systems are in a state of disrepair or are not doing the job they were set up to perform, or are doing it in an ecologically harmful way. Choosing Ecological Sewage Treatment allows property owners to weigh up all the options available and make the best choice for their situation.

Authors Grant, Moodie and Weedon: “Often a little information and orientation is all that is required to enable an old system to be brought back to its former glory. Choosing Ecological Sewage Treatment will provide these insights. The book is also intended as a first step for those who need a new system but who do not know what technological options are available, or what it would be useful to understand in order to make a sensible choice between the different possibilities.”

Choosing Ecological Sewage Treatment is also full of humour, tackling its subject with wit and verve.

Publisher Allan Shepherd: “Choosing Ecological Sewage Treatment was a pleasure to edit. All the authors have a great sense of humour and this comes through in their writing. Many people who move to an off-mains property have no previous experience dealing with their own sewage. The authors demystify the subject and give people the confidence they need to manage a small sewage system.”

Editor’s notes
1. Choosing Ecological Sewage Treatment, Nick Grant, Mark Moodie and Chris Weedon, September 2012, ISBN 978-1-902175-78-2, £19.95, Centre for Alternative Technology, fully illustrated
2. Please contact for review copies, pdf’s, interviews, extracts or any media enquiries related to the book
3. Authors Grant, Moodie and Weedon are all experience practitioners in their field and each has installed numerous sewage systems. They are also all former employees of the Centre for Alternative Technology.
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