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Zero Carbon Britain (Old 2)

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Zero Carbon Britain - research

Our research shows that a modern, zero emissions society is possible using only existing technology.

Zero Carbon Britain - events and training

Explore how we can rise to the challenge of creating a zero carbon Britain through one of our courses or events.

Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab Team

Our team have a diverse array of experience and a passion for supporting action on the climate and ecological emergency.

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Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab

CAT’s new Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab helps turn climate emergency declarations into action, sharing zero carbon solutions to help build resilience where you live.

We provide local authorities, businesses, institutions and community groups with the confidence, skills and understanding to help achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

With technical solutions readily available, the momentum coming from towns and cities to get to net zero is the political and cultural challenge of our generation.

The Zero Carbon Britain Innovation Lab tackles the specific barriers to transforming the complex economic, social and political dynamics here in the UK, and beyond. Working with others, we test and prototype solutions, and create routes for a sustainable future for all.

Discussing climate solutions on a Zero Carbon Britain course at CAT

Rising to the Climate Emergency

Our latest report shows a positive, technically feasible scenario that aims to stimulate debate and catalyse action across all areas of society.
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All Reports

Our Zero Carbon Britain reports are all solutions-focused and explore the potential barriers to achieving a zero carbon Britain and how these can be overcome.
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Social Media Pack

Help share positive environmental solutions and push for change. We know what we must do, so now it's time to act!
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Zero Carbon Britain - events and training

Explore how we can create a Zero Carbon Britain and to rise to the climate challenge on one of our courses or events. This training provides the confidence, information and skills to enable robust action planning with a view to achieving net zero by 2040.


Zero Carbon Britain research builds on the CAT’s 45 years of experience of developing and sharing positive solutions to help tackle big environmental challenges.

Our work clearly demonstrates that we already have the tools and technology needed to efficiently power the UK with 100% renewable energy, to feed ourselves sustainably, and to play our part in leaving a safe and habitable world for future generations.

Our latest report, Zero Carbon Britain: Rising to the Climate Emergency, incorporates work from the last 12 years of Zero Carbon Britain research and the latest scientific and technological developments.

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Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab Team

Latest news

A new selection of train-the-trainer courses from CAT combines our solutions-focused approach with Carbon Literacy accreditation to help embed evidence-based action planning across a range of sectors. Amanda Smith reports.

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CAT works with a number of county-level community groups to help build action on the climate and biodiversity emergency, including the Shropshire Climate Action Partnership. Kevin Oubridge gives us an…

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From 18 to 26 September, communities across the UK will join together for ‘Great Big Green Week’. This will be the UK’s biggest ever event for climate and nature to…

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