From the green valleys to the White House

From the green valleys to the White House

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The small nation of Wales will be presenting some huge ideas at this year’s Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, DC, later this month. Experts will discuss the future, including the buildings we could live in, the food we might eat and the way we could use energy in a world without fossil fuels.

The Convergence on Zero event (from 25-26 June) will present leading thinkers from climate science, energy, politics and technology. The event is free, and open to anyone interested in the big questions about the 21st  century – climate change, oil depletion and the economic crisis.


Wales will also exhibit some environmentally-friendly building techniques with a traditional roundhouse, powered by the sun, on the Mall in front of the White House. Wales has a history of sustainability – the Welsh First Minister Rhodri Morgan (who will be speaking at the Convergence) recently announced a plan to reduce fossil fuels by 90%.

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