From Bristol to CAT: Countryfile takes on Sustrans

From Bristol to CAT: Countryfile takes on Sustrans

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On the 4th of May, the Countryfile Magazine editorial team and Rich from Sustrans are racing from Bristol to the Centre for Alternative Technolgy in Machynlleth, mid Wales using a variety of different travel methods. They aim to explore the trials and the triumphs of travelling in rural areas. Each person will take different routes and judge how efficient it is a way to travel based on time, cost, experience, environmental impact and the effort (calories/ energy/ stress)


Production editor Dave Perrett will be travelling by car, Features editor Jo Tinsley will be going by train, the editor Fergus Collins will be using buses to get him here, Richard Sanders backed by three riding buddies from Sustrans will be travelling by bike and editorial assistant Abigail White will be coming here by any means possible including glider, electric bike, canoe, horse riding, a brecon buggy ( rain powered transport) and Mr Chips- an running on chip fat.

It’s generally thought that public transport in rural areas can be expensive, infrequent, overcrowded and slow. But it can also be a great way of meeting people and exploring the countryside. The team will be finding out just how easy or difficult it is to get from A to B without raising the stress levels and breaking the bank balance, while seeing some of the most stunning countryside in Britain.

The cyclists will set of from Bristol on the 4th of May at dawn to begin the 140-mile cycle rideRich says ‘It could take around 14 hours to complete, so it’s a big challenge but the key thing is to keep eating. I could burn 7,000 calories or more throughout the ride so keeping energy levels up will be crucial.’

All the racers will be tweeting their progress on the day so follow #countryfilerace on Twitter to stay up-to-date, and if you would like to get involved in a more active way and join up with Rich as he rides then take a look at his route and checkpoints.A team of cyclists from CAT will ride out to meet the Sustrans team and escort them the last few miles, to a well deserved dinner in the local Tafarn Dwynant pub in Ceinws.

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