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Restoration Ecology (Sold out)

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An exploration of the theories and ideas behind ecological restoration.

Join students from CAT’s Sustainability and Ecology MSc for a week long look at restoration ecology, exploring theories and methods and evaluating real-world projects.

Key information

What you will learn

Critically evaluate methods for restoring ecological functions and debate restoration goals at local, national and international scales and in natural, semi natural and peri-urban environments.

Undertake complex analyses of the theory, practical implications and complexities around restoring habitats with a focus on the effectiveness of rewilding projects, the reintroduction of species and removal of invasive species.

Evaluate real-world habitat and ecosystem scale restoration projects, taking into account conservation biology targets as well as social, political and economic implications to critically evaluate their success.

Topics covered include:

  • Ecosystem change over time and space
  • Biodiversity and connectedness
  • Stabilization wedges
  • Land sparing versus land sharing debate
  • The science behind rewilding
  • Reintroduction and management of invasive species
  • Phytoremediation and restoration of peri-urban spaces
  • The role of communities
  • Impact of restoration on communities and economies
  • Impact of national and international legislation

Meet your tutor

You will be taught by a range of expert lecturers and guest lecturers from CAT’s Graduate School of the Environment.

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