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Free Webinar – Kevin Anderson and Zero Carbon Britain: responses to the climate emergency

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Join us for our next free webinar. Leading climate scientist Professor Kevin Anderson will lay bare the scope, scale and urgency of the climate crisis, and offer thoughts on what needs to happen at and beyond COP26 to create profound change. CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain Hub team will host the webinar and deliver an overview of their change making work. 

This webinar is taking place as part of Great Big Green Week, a nationwide week of events from 18 to 26 September 2021 celebrating climate action. Great Big Green Week is organised by The Climate Coalition, of which CAT is a member. 

Key information

  • Duration: 1 hour, including talk and Q&A
  • Upcoming dates: Wednesday 22 September 2021
  • Start time: 7.30pm
  • Spaces are limited
  • Booking required (see below)
  • There will be opportunities to ask questions

The climate emergency

As climate change increasingly exacerbates extreme weather events around the globe, some government leaders are now using the language of a ‘climate emergency’. With the next international climate event (COP26 in Glasgow) just around the corner, there are widespread calls for urgent action to cut greenhouse gas emissions. 

In this webinar, Kevin Anderson will look beyond the language and framing of ‘climate emergency’ and ‘net zero’ and ask whether governments, companies and institutions are planning for little more than incremental adjustments to business-as-usual. 

He’ll lay bare the sheer scale, scope and urgency of emission cuts now required to meet our Paris climate commitments, and the fundamental questions this creates about almost every area of modern society. 

Kevin will finish by providing a flavour of a Paris-compliant policy landscape in line with the ‘climate emergency’, and how initiating such profound change needs to be central to negotiations at the November COP26.

This webinar is also a great opportunity to get to know CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain team and work. Anthony Hurford, Amanda Smith and Anna Bullen will offer an overview of the Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab’s work to date, including Innovation Labs with several UK councils, and climate solutions training for hundreds of young people and adults. 

Topics covered include

  • The scale and urgency of climate change now
  • How world leaders, organisations and institutions are responding
  • The questions we need to ask about modern society in order to reach the Paris climate agreements
  • Key policy goals for the November COP26 
  • The work of CAT’s Zero Carbon Britain Hub and Innovation Lab

How it works

  • Webinars are hosted on Zoom and booking a place is required (see below).
  • You can only book one place at a time.
  • Bookings require a functioning email address as the link to access the webinar will be sent there. Only one booking is allowed per email address.
  • You’ll usually receive notifications from us 1 day and 1 hour before the event is scheduled to take place.
  • This notification will include a Zoom webinar link. Simply click shortly before the webinar is due to begin.
  • Do not share your email link with other users. Space on the webinars is limited and each link will only give one user access.
  • If you have any questions please get in touch

Meet the speakers

Kevin Anderson

Kevin is professor of Energy and Climate Change at the Universities of Manchester (UK), Uppsala (Sweden) and Bergen (Norway). Formerly director of the Tyndall Centre, he engages widely with governments and remains research active with publications in Climate policy, Nature and Science. Kevin has a decade’s industrial experience in the petrochemical industry, is a chartered engineer and fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. He is a regular guest lecturer with CAT’s Graduate School of the Environment.

More information on Kevin can be found on his website, and he tweets from @KevinClimate  

Amanda Smith

Amanda Smith leads CAT’s climate solutions training as the Zero Carbon Britain Training Manager. She has over 20 years’ experience in teaching, school leadership, adult training and organisational improvement, with Qualified Teacher status and the National Professional Qualification for Head Teachers

Anthony Hurford

Dr Anthony Hurford is the Zero Carbon Britain Hub Project Manager, leading on the creation of the new Resource Hub – freely available online inspiration, tools, reports, guidance, training, webinars and more, to support action on net zero. Anthony came to CAT from managing large research and consultancy projects at the University of Manchester.

Anna Bullen

Dr Anna Bullen is the Zero Carbon Britain Innovation Lab Manager. She has an academic background, with a degree in Environmental Management and Resource Development, an MA in Space, Place and Politics and a PhD in Sustainable Citizenship and is particularly experienced in facilitating processes that bring together a wide range of stakeholders with diverse views and supporting them to move forward in developing solutions.

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